Tess and Alexander

Tess and Alexander

When Danica and George Theodorakos first had their twins, Tess and Alexander, all seemed fine. But by the time the twins were a year old, it was apparent that something was wrong. They were eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a group of permanent movement disorders that often result in poor coordination, stiff and weak muscles, trouble swallowing or speaking, tremors, and other challenging symptoms. The twins had trouble controlling their arms and legs due to stiffness.

"When we found Children's National, it was a great relief," recalled George. "We felt we were in really good hands."

Dr. Sally Evans, who specializes in physical rehabilitation medicine at Children's National, was determined to help the Theodorakos family find the best path forward. She introduced an innovative treatment for children with cerebral palsy: injections of Botox. Although this therapy was something Danica and George had never heard of, they were willing to give it a try. Their trust in Children's National paid off—today, the twins are thriving.

"Every time we go into Children's National for a routine checkup, we end up with whole new treatments, new devices to use, that really give me the reassurance that we're on top of it, we're attacking it, and making as much progress as we possibly can," said George.

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