Care and Safety for Cate in the Time of COVID-19


With the support of her care team, Cate has made a full recovery.

In the spring of 2020, Cate had a seizure and needed help from our emergency department. "Despite all the unknowns and fear about COVID-19, each person there treated us with kindness, compassion and professionalism," her dad, Michael, says.

Cate was 3 months old when she came to Children's National Hospital in early 2019. She had a benign brain tumor. Our care team, led by neurosurgeon Dr. Suresh Magge, performed a series of delicate surgeries to save her life. "We're lucky to live near a place that has specialists that care for the teensiest of brains," says Cate's mother, Lindsay.

Cate, now a year old, made a full recovery. She walks, sings, dances and loves to play with her older brother and sister. She continues to receive care from neurologist Dr. Beth Wells and neuro-oncologist Dr. Lindsay Kilburn.

In early 2020, Lindsay and Michael donated to our COVID-19 Emergency Fund. "We hoped our small donation would help provide masks and gloves to keep staff, patients and families safe," Lindsay says. She and Michael had no idea Cate would soon need emergency care. Cate had a fever and a seizure in April.

"We have always had trust in our team at Children's National," says Michael. "There was PPE available and the staff did a great job explaining the safety process."

Cate was tested for the virus in our emergency department, treated and — after a second negative test for COVID-19 — sent home.

"When we weren't sure if Cate would live last year, my mother told me to take care of myself for my older children," Lindsay says. "I wasn't sure if I could. Cate's team saved her, but they also saved us as parents and preserved the lives of our two other children. Children's National saved a family."

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