Ariana: Thriving after Surviving Cancer


Since she was a young child, Ariana has always been an energetic and outgoing girl with an infectious smile. But everything changed two years ago when she began acting lethargic and complained of stomach pain. Her parents immediately took her to the local emergency room.

The doctors there thought Ariana had pneumonia and suggested that the family go to Children's National. The doctors at Children's National diagnosed her with a rare form of kidney cancer, Wilms' tumor. She also had a rare tumor in her lung. Fortunately for Ariana and her family, Children's National is home to a national leader in Wilms' tumors and other pediatric kidney tumors—Dr. Jeffrey Dome, the Thomas Willson and Lenore Williams McKnew Professor of Pediatric Oncology. "It was such a relief to know that that she was going to be cared for by the best," her father said. "It was reassuring to know that a world-renowned specialist for treating this disease was right here at Children's National."

Ariana endured two long years of treatment, including chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. Today, she is back at school. She is feeling like herself again. She is a happy, active 8-year-old who enjoys painting, playing the piano, and spending time with her younger brother and sister.