Karen and Jack Lowe

Giving Back through Teaching and Philanthropy

Karen and Jack Lowe, members of The Guardian Society

Karen and Jack Lowe, members of The Guardian Society

Dr. Jack Lowe began his training as a pediatrician at Children's National in 1968. Fifty years later, the hospital and the staff's devotion to caring for all children still hold a special place in his heart.

"At Children's National, I found a team dedicated to caring for children regardless of their family's ability to pay. This was rare back then," said Dr. Lowe. "It was the best medical care in town, and all kids could get that care. It's still the organization's mission today."

During his tenure, Dr. Lowe taught medical students and residents Primary Ambulatory Care Pediatrics. Thanks in part to his leadership, our residency program has become one of the most sought after in the country. Two-thirds of all fourth-year medical students in the country applying for pediatric residencies apply to Children's National — this demonstrates the amazing recognition for the institution at a national level.

"As a general pediatrician, I was good at providing care for my patients and their families, so I taught the residents to be the best caregivers in their future practices," said Dr. Lowe. "And I chose to be at Children's National because it's where the training of many of the best pediatricians occurs. I wanted to give back to the institution that had trained me."

Dr. Lowe's family emphasized the importance of giving back during his childhood. As a member of The Guardian Society, he has channeled that lifelong philosophy into philanthropy.

"Making a bequest is a simple way for my wife, Karen, and I to provide a gift to Children's National without jeopardizing our retirement. Anyone who has a connection to Children's National knows its mission is worthy of charitable support, and a bequest is a great way to provide that support."