Supporters Like You

Read about supporters whose planned gift will help us connect care, community and discovery to help every child grow up stronger. Your generous giving as a Guardian Society member advances our mission and provides hope and healing to future generations of children.

When you include a gift to Children's National in your will, you qualify to become a valued member of The Guardian Society.

The Randall Family

Guardian Society member Carey Randall and her late husband Don first supported Children's National Hospital in the early 1970’s. They hosted a cookout at their Old Rag Mountain retreat, inviting friends and associates to make donations.

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Larry and Sharon Beeman

Since meeting on a merry-go-round in their hometown of Rochester, N.Y., Larry and Sharon Beeman have had a long and interesting journey together. They moved to Arlington, Va., more than 50 years ago and have two children and five grandchildren.

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Wanda Bissell

For years, children battling cancer at Children's National had something special to look forward to on Wanda Bissell's birthday. Miss Bissell, a member of The Guardian Society and retired government employee who now resides in North Carolina, would round up toys from friends and deliver them to the hospital. It was her unique way of giving back after overcoming a strenuous personal battle with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL).

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Laurel Cornish

Serving and sharing have always been part of Laurel Cornish's life, and she currently knits and crochets blankets and jackets for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Children's National. Laurel, who grew up on a Minnesota farm, adopted the attitude of giving her parents modeled. "You shared what you had," she says.

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Karen and Jack Lowe

Dr. Jack Lowe began his training as a pediatrician at Children's National in 1968. Fifty years later, the hospital and the staff's devotion to caring for all children still hold a special place in his heart.

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Sima Osdoby and Arthur Katz

"We have a problem."

It was January 1975. Sima Osdoby had just given birth to twin girls when the obstetrician told her husband, Arthur Katz, that something was wrong with one of their babies.

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Margaret Phillips

Over 45 years ago, Margaret Phillips, a trained nurse practitioner, read a newspaper ad for a nurse who could work in the neonatology intensive care unit, or NICU. "At the time, the NICU was a fairly new concept," she says. "I applied for the job and got it."

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Ray Caron and Maureen Roult

Maureen's generosity is a family trait. Growing up, she remembers regular charitable work with her uncle and other relatives. So it is no surprise that she married Ray Caron, a man who not only puts an extra item or two in his basket for families in need, he fills an entire shopping cart just for them.

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Shari and Wayne Sternberger

"I live in the moment," says Children's National donor Shari Sternberger. "A half hour from now, something could happen and I could not be here, so I try to live for right now. It was Wayne, my husband, who really began 'thinking forward' about our retirement planning, about leaving a legacy that will someday help others."

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